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Have you rocked your way to fitness today?

When the RockFit design team was commissioned to design a new exercise apparatus, they looked at everyday things around them. The apparatus had to be comfortable, natural and easy to use. When you look at a SwingGym you will be forgiven if it conjures up memories of a much loved childhood swing. That was the entire idea from the beginning!

The RockFit SwingGym was designed in such a way that it can be
used by young and old alike. Now, people of all ages can
have fun and workout at the same time.

Two years went into the development of the SwingGym. Since a regular swing is not practical as an in-house exercise device, the swinging concept had to be captured in a uniquely designed apparatus. To be practical for everyday use, the SwingGym had to be small, sturdy, safe, interesting, provide enough resistance and have the necessary dimensions and adjustments.

What makes the SwingGym better?

Because of the pendulum action of the SwingGym,
the exercises are continuous. This has the following advantages:

  • There is no stop/start action
  • No jerking or overextending of joints
  • The movement is smooth and completely under your control.

With other machines you have to maneuver your body into different
positions before you can use the equipment. With the SwingGym
it is as easy as getting into a chair
. The comfortable seated
position makes it easy for older people to exercise and also for rehabilitation
uses. Because of the SwingGym’s easy of use and because it is virtually
noiseless it is perfect for exercising in front of the TV. Now
you can watch your favourite TV shows while burning those calories.

With this ingenious machine no one needs to be a couch potato anymore.




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